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“Homage to Kurt Seligmann” An exhibition curated by Jonathan Talbot

February 7, 2012



“Homage to Kurt Seligmann” An exhibition curated by Jonathan Talbot Scheduled to open mid-February 2012

A Message from Jonathan Talbot

I am curating an exhibition of collages which will honor 20th century surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann (Basel, Switzerland, 1900 – Sugarloaf, NY 1962). If you do not know him or his work you can learn more at or by searching for “Kurt Seligmann” in Google images.

The exhibition will be held at the Seligmann Homestead, Kurt Seligmann’s final residence, in Sugarloaf, Orange County, NY. This property is owned by The Orange County Citizen’s Foundation and has a  professional security system. You can see a photo of  Seligmann’s former studio at

The exhibition is tentatively titled: HOMAGE TO KURT SELIGMANN and is scheduled to open in mid-February of 2012 (yes, just a little over two months from now).

At this time I anticipate the exhibition having two components:

1. A selection of works by invited artists.

2. A group of unsolicited 4” x 6” postcard-sized works from whoever wishes to send one. 


The postcard-sized works must either a) include an image or fragment of an image of Seligmann’s work or a picture of Seligmann himself or b) be inspired by the style or subject matter of Seligmann’s work. All postcard-sized works which meet one or both of these requirements will be included in the exhibition.  These works may be sent unpackaged as mail art or they may be sent packaged. Works in this section will not be for sale and will not be returned after the exhibition but will, instead, become part of the permanent collection of the Seligmann Center.  Each artist who submits work to this section will receive (pdf attached to e-mail) a letter of acknowledgment from the Seligmann Center.

Submission of postcard-sized works may be achieved by mailing such works in time to arrive by February 10, 2012, to:

Kurt Seligmann Collage Exhibition c/o Jonathan Talbot 7 Amity Road Warwick, NY 10990 USA.

Important: Postcard sized works must include, below the return address or in its place, the artist’s name and e-mail address printed clearly and legibly.


Artists wishing to be considered for the invitational portion of the exhibition may send an image of a work to be considered (no more than 2 megs, please) and other documentation (website URL, bio, cv, etc.) to Once again, the works must reference or be inspired by Kurt Seligmann or his work.  For the purposes of the invitational portion of the exhibition, this means that the work must a) include an image or fragment of Seligmann’s work or a picture of Seligmann himself, b) be inspired by the style or subject matter of Seligmann’s work or c) reference or honor surrealism in general.

Artists who are invited as a result of their submissions will receive further information.


1. Requirements and more: It is important to note that the requirements for the two sections are different and that artists asking to be considered for the invitational section may be rejected while those who send postcard sized works can not be rejected.  It is also important to know that works submitted by invited artists will be returned following the exhibition unless they are sold in which case the Seligmann center will take a 25% commission.

2. Permanent website of exhibition: In an effort to make sure that the maximum number of viewers have the opportunity to see the works, a permanent website will be created immediately after the exhibition which will show the installation of the exhibition. When a viewer clicks on the individual works, an enlarged image of the work will display along with the artist’s contact information and/or links to his or her website, blog, e-mail, mailing address, etc. as desired.

3. Kurt Seligmann was not a collagist.  Kurt Seligmann was a painter and etcher, not a collagist, but he was important to the development of surrealism and surrealism has been important to the development of collage so… despite the fact that Seligmann did not focus on collage, we will use collage to honor him.

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