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National Collage Society Call For Entries

National Collage Society Call For Entries


 The National Collage Society, Inc. would like to invite all artists to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of collage as a fine art media by participating in our two annual shows.


The deadline for the 28th Annual Juried Exhibit is Friday, March 30th ( and the deadline for the 15th Annual Postcard Show is Thursday, April 5th( Entry forms and complete details can be found on our website:

Issue Fifteen: February – March 2012

The latest issue of Collagista is available for download!

(Cover art by Fabio.A)

This issue includes work by Carly Swenson, Captain Spezzo, Sukarma Thereja, Heike Sackmann, Jenny Stokes and cover art by Fabio.

 To download a copy of Issue Fifteen, please click on the link below.

Issue 15

“Homage to Kurt Seligmann” An exhibition curated by Jonathan Talbot



“Homage to Kurt Seligmann” An exhibition curated by Jonathan Talbot Scheduled to open mid-February 2012

A Message from Jonathan Talbot

I am curating an exhibition of collages which will honor 20th century surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann (Basel, Switzerland, 1900 – Sugarloaf, NY 1962). If you do not know him or his work you can learn more at or by searching for “Kurt Seligmann” in Google images.

The exhibition will be held at the Seligmann Homestead, Kurt Seligmann’s final residence, in Sugarloaf, Orange County, NY. This property is owned by The Orange County Citizen’s Foundation and has a  professional security system. You can see a photo of  Seligmann’s former studio at

The exhibition is tentatively titled: HOMAGE TO KURT SELIGMANN and is scheduled to open in mid-February of 2012 (yes, just a little over two months from now).

At this time I anticipate the exhibition having two components:

1. A selection of works by invited artists.

2. A group of unsolicited 4” x 6” postcard-sized works from whoever wishes to send one. 


The postcard-sized works must either a) include an image or fragment of an image of Seligmann’s work or a picture of Seligmann himself or b) be inspired by the style or subject matter of Seligmann’s work. All postcard-sized works which meet one or both of these requirements will be included in the exhibition.  These works may be sent unpackaged as mail art or they may be sent packaged. Works in this section will not be for sale and will not be returned after the exhibition but will, instead, become part of the permanent collection of the Seligmann Center.  Each artist who submits work to this section will receive (pdf attached to e-mail) a letter of acknowledgment from the Seligmann Center.

Submission of postcard-sized works may be achieved by mailing such works in time to arrive by February 10, 2012, to:

Kurt Seligmann Collage Exhibition c/o Jonathan Talbot 7 Amity Road Warwick, NY 10990 USA.

Important: Postcard sized works must include, below the return address or in its place, the artist’s name and e-mail address printed clearly and legibly.


Artists wishing to be considered for the invitational portion of the exhibition may send an image of a work to be considered (no more than 2 megs, please) and other documentation (website URL, bio, cv, etc.) to Once again, the works must reference or be inspired by Kurt Seligmann or his work.  For the purposes of the invitational portion of the exhibition, this means that the work must a) include an image or fragment of Seligmann’s work or a picture of Seligmann himself, b) be inspired by the style or subject matter of Seligmann’s work or c) reference or honor surrealism in general.

Artists who are invited as a result of their submissions will receive further information.


1. Requirements and more: It is important to note that the requirements for the two sections are different and that artists asking to be considered for the invitational section may be rejected while those who send postcard sized works can not be rejected.  It is also important to know that works submitted by invited artists will be returned following the exhibition unless they are sold in which case the Seligmann center will take a 25% commission.

2. Permanent website of exhibition: In an effort to make sure that the maximum number of viewers have the opportunity to see the works, a permanent website will be created immediately after the exhibition which will show the installation of the exhibition. When a viewer clicks on the individual works, an enlarged image of the work will display along with the artist’s contact information and/or links to his or her website, blog, e-mail, mailing address, etc. as desired.

3. Kurt Seligmann was not a collagist.  Kurt Seligmann was a painter and etcher, not a collagist, but he was important to the development of surrealism and surrealism has been important to the development of collage so… despite the fact that Seligmann did not focus on collage, we will use collage to honor him.

Next to the Sea: Pierre Botardo/David Hochbaum/Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen

Next to the Sea
Pierre Botardo / David Hochbaum / Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen
Opening of ‘Next to the Sea’ exhibition at Munch Gallery
Works by Pierre Botardo (US), David Hochbaum (US) and Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen (DK)
January 8 – February 5, 2012
Opening reception Sunday, January 8, 5-8 pm
New York, NY, December 11, 2011 – Munch Gallery is pleased to present ‘Next to the Sea’, a three person show featuring work fromPierre Botardo, David Hochbaum and Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen.  Using the sea as a common theme, the exhibition explores the mixed bag of human emotion that floods through us when we are faced with an expanse of shores and deep waters.  From voyage and a craving for adventure to nostalgia and a sense of belonging, the sea is intriguing and reminds us how close we are to the next adventure and how far we have traveled from where we began.  ‘Next to the Sea’ plays on that dichotomy of wanderlust and nostalgia, and at a more intimate level the contrast between where we have been and where we will go.
The show runs from January 8 through February 5, 2012.
The opening reception will be held Sunday evening, January 8 from 5-8 pm.
(Thanks to Pierre Botardo for this information.)

MEANING TO GLUE: An exhibition of contemporary collage

Nightingale Gallery (Eastern Oregon University) ushered in 2012 with an exhibition of contemporary collage, which closed today (Feb 3rd).


Marking 100 years of collage (from the investigations of Picasso and Braque in 1912) “Meaning to Glue” is curator Cory Peeke’s examination of 11 contemporary artists who use materials, images and forms which speak to collection, recollection and reinterpretation.


For those who missed the show, or who live too far away to have attended, a downloadable catalogue can be found here:


For more details of the show, or to order one of the few printed catalogues which are left, please contact Cory Peeke (Nightingale Gallery Director), at:

Issue Fourteen – December 2010 – January 2011

The latest issue of Collagista is available for download!

This issue there is work by Irina and Silvie Szekely, Jorge Chamorro, Julia Still and Venezualan artists Bernat Parra and Valeria Verlezza. There is also an interesting interview of ‘All That Remains’ curator Charles Wilkin, by Ron Wild

  To download a copy of Issue Fourteen, please click on the link below.

Issue 14

Please note also – the PDF which was sent out to email subscribers has a mispelling of Irina’s name. In the above file this has been rectified. Apologies to Irina.

Issue Thirteen: October – November 2011

The latest issue of Collagista is available for download!

This issue includes work by Lindsay Macklem, Michel Recloux, AnthraxLeprosyMu, Claire McAteer, some interesting’Teratoporno’, and an interview with Richard Leach.

  To download a copy of Issue Thirteen, please click on the link below.

Issue 13

Weird International Collage Show-Rotterdam

Weird International Collage Show-Rotterdam

A collective exhibition featuring Ashkan Honarvar, Cless, James Gallagher, Max-o-matic, Oliver Wiegner,
Rubén B and Sylvia Stølan

August 26th to September 16th, 2011. Opening: August 26th, 19H

Claes de Vrieselaan 103, Rotterdam

In 1912, Picasso and George Braque decided to cut and paste pieces of paper from newspapers, magazines, fabrics and other materials to directly capture reality in his paintings, rather than copy it and distort it. At that time everything seemed a mere coincidence, an anecdote that nobody knew if it would survive the passage of the avant-garde, the passage of the art.

Early 1990s, artists such as Kara Walker, Greg Lamarche and Eduardo Recife, working with the Internet, with all the material that the digital age has made accessible to all. The main tools are still the same, scissors, glue and virtual paper, and now the material is infinite and always available. The Collage is already a very consolidated artistic technique within the discourse of contemporary art.

Nowadays, starting in Madrid, the Weird International Collage Show is travelling to Rotterdam, Barcelona and Berlin to exhibit what have been called “the raddest, most wonderful and transgressor exhibition of this season in Madrid”.
Though the whole project is curated by Rubén B, each show is co-curated with a great artist to give it a brand new fresh vision, and this Weird Rotterdam Show is co-curated alongside with Ashkan Honarvar, artist based in this city, and includes work from both of them, Cless, James Gallagher, Max-o-matic, Oliver Wiegner and Sylvia Stølan. This makes the show bigger than than the previous one and most of the work is previously unseen.

The aim in the selection of the artists is pure creative originality. Now is time for you to check it.
Welcome to the Weird International Collage Show at Rotterdam!


Issue Twelve: August-September 2011

The latest issue of Collagista is available for download! 

This issue includes work by Dilar Pereira, Lina Kasparaityte, Pierre Botardo, Javier Serna and Rogerio Santos, and with cover art by Lindsey Macklem.

  To download a copy of Issue Twelve, please click on the link below.

Issue 12


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