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About Collagista

  Welcome to the official blog of collage-zine ‘Collagista!’ 


 ‘Collagista!’ is an online zine, dedicated to promoting and supporting collage art in all its forms.

Produced by canberran artist John Hart, it’s first issue came out in September 2009, and a new issue has been released every two months since.

  The zine showcases the work of collage artists, and provides a simple and effective method for artists to have their work published and distributed to a wide, engaged and international audience.

 The zine also includes essays, interviews, exhibition information, reviews, collage related advertisements and much more – connecting collage artists and providing useful and interesting information related to  their craft.

 ‘Collagista!’ is free, and operates on a policy of inclusion. Artists who have taken the time to create work and, further, taken the effort to submit work are considered worthy of inclusion. Therefore, emerging artists benefit the most from the zine and are encouraged to contribute articles or submit work.

  To subscribe to the mailing list, to submit work, or to ask any other questions, please send an email to:

  1. I tried to access the file in PDF, but it came up black!

  2. Hi,

    if you have time, please visit my blog.


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