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Collagista Canberra show

May 3, 2011

 Patrick Larmour, a canberran art student, is hosting an exhibition of work submitted by collagista subscribers, opening at the ANU school of art, Canberra, this friday at 4:30. It will be in the upstairs foyer space (directly above the foyer as you enter the school) and includes a range of work from countries as diverse as Australia, Sweden, Poland and Indonesia, to name a few. The poster (above) features a digital collage by Swedish artist Edvard Derkert ( If you are in canberra over the next two weeks, it would be awesome to see you at the show!

Below are a few of the works which have been sent in. More to follow soon!


Lesley Bourne:


Edvard Derkert:

Angela Caporaso:

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  1. this is great to see. will look to submit something if ever there is another opportunity. thanks for the information about collage art that you’ve made available!

    • Collagista: a collage zine permalink

      No worries! glad you like it! I try to keep up to date with mail art information, so keep an eye out in the zine!

  2. I love those works! I am sure the exhibition was fantastic!

    • Collagista: a collage zine permalink

      It was really great I’m hoping we can do another next year.

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