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April 30, 2011


The medium of collage allows for the expression of concepts, ideas and emotions through the reinterpretation and recontextualisation of an endless array of discarded and then found materials.

But what if there were only a finite amount of pieces to choose from with which to make a collage? Would two collages created by different artists using the same materials end up looking the same, or at least similar? What about ten different collages by ten different artists?

Would a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters all eventually write Shakespeare?

To the Power of N: Where N Equals 10 sets out to answer these questions (except maybe the one about the monkeys).

Ten artists will be given a package of identical materials that comprises of ten different elements, and each will be asked to each create a single collage artwork using the pieces provided with the hope that despite using the same components to create their work, each artists individual style and personal vision will result in vastly different artworks.

The experiment will culminate with an online exhibition of all of the completed artworks in October 2011.

To the Power of N: Where N Equals 10 is now accepting submissions from artists wanting to participate in the exhibition.

Submissions are now open for artists interested in participating in the first To The Power Of N exhibition. Artists are encouraged to submit up to 5 digital images as examples of their collage work (and a link to their website where possible) to be considered for the line up for the first To the Power of N exhibition.

Submissions will close on June 10th, 2011

Email your submission to: submissions[at]

Please resize images if required to keep total email size below 5Mb.

Only ten artists are able to participate in this exhibition, and selection of the participating artists will be made on the basis of the images that are submitted.

Selection will be made using a number of criteria, including technique, theme, visual impact and individual style. The exhibition aims to highlight diversity within collage making, so some artists with similar style to others may not be accepted into the exhibition, even though their work is of a high quality.

Images submitted by artists that are not accepted into the exhibition will be kept on file for consideration in future exhibitions.

There is no entry fee for participating in the exhibition; however artists will be responsible for all postage costs associated with mailing their completed artwork. Please note that this exhibition is being organised in Australia. Although international artists are welcome to participate, please be aware that international postage will be required to return your completed artwork.

All finished works must be completed and received by September 16th 2011.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, all artworks will become part of the To the Power of N collection.

Please visit for more information about the way the exhibition will work.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea–I am a memeber of a local photography club that has weekly challanges and we did a similar thing of photographing the same subject (a statue of the Virgin Mary), but we all had to make our images unique. It is amazing to see the different concepts people have.

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