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Issue Four: April-May 2010

April 1, 2010

 Issue Four: April-May 2010

   Welcome to the ‘Collagista!’ blog! Below is the link to the fourth issue of the collage-based magazine. Included are the works of Ustina Yakovleva, James George, Danang Sulistyono, Jesse Treece and the Russian 3-Art Group.

  As well as this there are book advertisements, calls for entries, exhibition information and links and calls for submissions.

   To download a copy of Issue Four, please click on the link below. 

Issue Four

 Remember too, Collagista now on facebook! Please find us and become a fan!

 Comments, suggestions and submissions are always welcome so that we can make the best possible product for the collage community.

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  1. nodah permalink

    yaahhhhhh i still not read it i just download it exciting to read it

  2. nodah permalink

    yes i did thank you so much

  3. 4th comment for 4th issue!

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