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Issue Three: 28th Jan- 27 March 2010

January 28, 2010

  Issue Three: 28th Jan – 27th March 2010.

   Welcome to the ‘Collagista!’ blog! Below is the link to the third issue of the collage-based magazine. Included are the works of Rodrigo Bonfim, Kathrin Diestel, Dean Butters,  Angela Caporaso, Vitaly Maklakov and his students.

  As well as this there are book advertisements, calls for entries, exhibition information for Edvard Derkerts latest show in Sweden and images and links for the #7 Panels project.

  Remember too, Collagista now on facebook! Please find us and become a fan!

  To download a copy of Issue Three, please click on the link below. Note that there are two files, one for reading on the computer screen, and another, the ‘printable copy’, designed to be printed out and bound as a hard copy magazine.

 Readable Copy

Printable Copy

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  1. I followed the link for issue three and ended up with a blank, black page. Is there another way to get to issue 3?


  2. So tactile, even in 2D! Just want to run my hands all over the original copy (which, in my mind, is all hand made by Johnny on his dining table using the blue glue sticks from primary school).

    • collagista permalink

      Feel free to pop by whenever you want and gett all tactile with the original! They are so thick, the three issues done so far take up the better part of one of those skinny ring binder folders. Chunky!

  3. Greetings from the Ohio Collage Society! Are you interested in linking up? Google us and leave a comment……

    • collagista permalink

      Sounds fantastic, I’ll do that right now.

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