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‘Collagista!’ – a collage-zine for you and I

September 16, 2009

  Welcome to the official blog of collage-zine ‘Collagista!’ – a zine which hopes to keep it’s finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary collage art across the globe.

  ‘Collagista!’ is a zine which will come out every two months and which aims to support and promote collage art and it’s practitioners from around the world by showcasing work, essays, exhibition information, reviews and exhibition and competition opportunities.

  Any work, which involves collage or assemblage, is more than eligible for the magazine. To submit work you simply need to email as an attachment (.jpeg file) an image of the work you would like included, as well as information about the work such as dimensions, media, dates etc… as well as a piece of text about yourself, your work and your collage practice. This text piece can be as long or as brief as you like.

   To submit essays on collage, exhibition information or exhibition reviews or any other text based collage related piece, simply send the text as the body of an email.  


We hope to become one the worlds ‘one stop shop’ for collage related material, including exhibition information/reviews/opportunities, essays and discussion pieces and, of course, artist showcases.

   The magazine is primarily distributed via email and web download (currently the official web page is being constructed, so a blog is standing in in the meantime – Once the file is emailed out a number will be printed locally here in Canberra and distributed to galleries and libraries. In order to keep costs down we are operating under a program of ‘decentralised production’, which means that anyone who has a digital file of the magazine is welcome to print and distribute as many copies as they wish, keeping individual costs at a minimum. 

  This has meant that already a number of hardcopies have been distributed in galleries in Europe and the USA. All print versions of the magazine have an ISSN (international serial number) assigned to them, which means as a publication it can be collected and catalogued by libraries anywhere in the world. 

    To subscribe to the mailing list to receive the zine in PDF format at the date of release (bi-monthly), or for more information,  please send an email to

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  1. Will Ursprung permalink

    Hi!! I think your concept is way cool!! Please include me to your mailing list,. Thanks, Will Ursprung,NCS Director of Development, National Collage Society, Hudson, Ohio

  2. Yep. Go for it! And by all means make some buzz about the altered postcard show!

  3. Wonderful idea, John! Kate {+:

  4. Cat Botch permalink

    great idea and nice job!
    do you have a page on facebook? get a lot of people contact

    • collagista permalink

      We do, but it is still fairly new. I hope to update it once I get back from a short overseas trip I am currently enjoying. I will keep you updated.

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